Baker's Choice

Baker's Choice

Baker's Choice
The Baker's Choice has grates, equipped to burn either wood or coal. The intensity of the heat is controlled by how much air goes into your firebox through the grates. Air goes into your fire chamber when the ash pan is pulled out.
The Baker's Choice has some stainless steel to protect against corrosion.
Hot water coil - warm oven & water tank options available.
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Consider the following:
Firebox is lined with refractory brick lining, custom molded.
There is a front loading door, as well as an 11" lid on top to put fuel in.
The stove is painted black with high heat paint - it is not porcelain enamel.
The oven door swings out, not down.
This is an economy model, offered at an affordable price. Perfect for cabins or where limited space is a problem.

Base Price



SHELF $105.00, WARMING OVEN $315.00, WATER RES $161.00 side res $245.00, SINGLE COIL $70.00, DOUBLE COIL $160.00, PAIR TRIVITS $135.00, EXTRA SET BRICK $128.00


  • Unit Overall Width: 36"
  • Unit Overall Height: 53.5"
  • Ht. to cook surface: 32.5"
  • Cooking top size: 21.4x34"
  • Fire box Size: 18.5" L 11.5" W 14" D
  • Bake oven size: 22" W 14" D 14" H
  • Exhaust flu size: 7"
  • Reservoir Capacity: 8 gal

Approx Heating Capacity (Sq/Ft)


Approx shipping wt.

380 lbs

Clearances to Combustibles

25 inches back and sides

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402 Greenwood Dr, Stratford, Ontario, N5A 7R4
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402 Greenwood Dr, Stratford, Ontario, N5A 7R4
Phone: 519-305-0152  / e-mail:

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