Pioneer Princess

Pioneer Princess

Overnight Burn

The Pioneer Maid easily holds a fire all night or longer -

  • no fire to kindle in the morning
  • just turn the stove on!

Fingertip Control
The Pioneer Maid offers a degree of control undreamed of by grandmother. A simple twist of the twin air-intake knobs and the fire leaps to life. A twirl in the reverse direction and it is almost instantly dampered down.

Large Firebox
The large size of the firebox permits stoking the fire for longer periods, as well as cutting down on splitting of wood. Also available with grates.

Quality Lining
The refractory brick liner in the firebox is thicker and stronger, custom-molded to our specifications.

Welded Construction
Most cookstoves are built of such lightweight materials they need to be held together with screws; in contrast the Pioneer Maid is welded steel throughout for a lifetime of trouble-free performance.

Smooth Top
A single-piece top with only two large 11-inch lids makes cleaning the top easier.

Downdraft Efficiency
For years cookstoves have been notoriously inefficient. Not so with the Pioneer Maid. Users report cutting their fuel consumption up to one-half.

Roomy Oven
The oven not only heats quickly, holds and even heat for longer periods of time, and is easily controlled but has a capacity for 8 loaves of bread.

Porcelain Finish
The entire stove exterior is clad in baked-on porcelain for better looks and easier cleaning.

A Space Heater
The Pioneer Maid doubles as a space heater when the oven door is open, thus converting the oven into a ready-maid heat exchanger, unbelievably efficient. Will heat approximately 2,000 square feet.

High Back and Shelf
A high back and sturdy shelf provide convenient storage for the items you like to have handy when cooking and baking.

Warming Closet
An optional warming closet also available to keep food warm until mealtime. 10" x 10" length of stove.

Durable Stainless Steel
Almost 50% of the stove body itself (excluding the top) is made of stainless steel material that should never rust or corrode.

Standard Features
In addition to the features,no other cookstove can match, the Pioneer Maid offers many of the standard ones as well, such as an ash pan for easy clean-out, stay cool wooden knobs and handles, black porcelain finish, spring-loaded oven door, oven thermometer, internal flue damper and optional hot water coil and a reservoir model (capacity 10 U.S. gallons).

Base Price





SHELF $105.00, WARMING OVEN $315.00, ALMOND/ $1000.00, SIDE RES $200.00, REAR RES $250.00, SINGLE COIL $70.00, DOUBLE COIL $160.00, EXTRA SET BRICK $152.00, PAIR TRIVITS $135.00


  • Unit Overall Width: 45"
  • Unit Overall Height: 51.5"
  • Ht. to cook surface: 32.5"
  • Cooking top size: 22.5x43"
  • Fire box Size: 18.5" L 13.5" W 18.5" D
  • Bake oven size: 19.5" W 22" D 13" H
  • Exhaust flu size: 7"

Approx Heating Capacity (Sq/Ft)


Approx shipping wt.


Clearances to Combustibles

25 inches back 25 inches left side 18 inches right side

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402 Greenwood Dr, Stratford, Ontario, N5A 7R4
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