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Mark Stoll, an Amish inventor, was never satisfied with the performance of the old fashioned wood stoves that he grew up with. The fireboxes were small and far from airtight.
An old saying, "Grampa was kept busy bringing wood in through the front door while Gramma was kept busy hauling ashes out the back door", was never more true.
Mark re-invented the wood cookstove, making the Pioneer Maid the first North American cookstove to take advantage of airtight technology for exceptional woodburning efficiency. Mark's unconventional stoves have become an excellent investment.

The innovative airtight design enables precise control of firebox temperatures and extended 12-14 hour burns. Wooden control knobs stay cool to the touch. Ash clean out is required every four to six weeks.
The firebox, bake oven and chimney are surrounded by 304 stainless steel, guaranteed by a metallurgists never to rust or corrode. The firebox is the largest on the market. It easily contains irregularly shaped or unsplit wood and will heat an average size home.

The Pioneer Maid stove glistens with an exterior porcelain finish, highly polished top, stainless steel burn protection bars, brass hinges and wooden knobs.
The Economy Model Bakers Choice stove is coated with heat resistant paint. It also has a polished cooking service and some stainless steel interior.
Return to Product List because all stoves can be ordered with an 8 or 12 gallon water tank, warming closet or hot water coil. 

Most cookstoves are made of sheet metal, 
bolted together because they are too thin to weld. 
Our stoves are steel plate, welded at seams. The one piece cooking surface has no seams or dirt collecting grooves and the firebox has fully replaceable firebrick.


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402 Greenwood Dr, Stratford, Ontario, N5A 7R4
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